HEALTH FORM – Please download a health form once you have registered for a class and bring with you. To download click [HERE]


1:15 pm

Jivamukti basics course

St Andrews hall, School hill Histon, CB24 9JE [MAP]
(1h 15m) A basics course that runs as a term booking. Explores a different theme each class standing poses, forward bends and hip openers, backbends and inversion in the calendar month. Suitable for beginners and intermediate students who want to refine their alignment and how to approach the practice using props, variations and modifications. Payment is a block booking.


7:00 pm

Yoga course

Peterborough high school, thorpe road, PE3 6JF [MAP]
(1h 15m) Peterborough High school, Thorpe road, PE3 6JF [MAP] 7:00 pm (1h 15m) This course runs as a 11/12 week term according to the local school holidays . All aspects of yoga are focused on with a theme each week and run as a course. Suitable for students with experience in asana, pranayama, meditation and chanting. Block payments are required to attend this course . [BOOK]


6:30 pm

Jivamukti open class

Mitchams Corner, 121 Chesterton Road, CB4 3AT [MAP]
(1h 15m) the open class is drawn from teachings on the Focus of the month, supported by flowing vinyasa sequences, chanting,hands on adjustment,relaxation, meditation,breath awareness and alignment focus. The class is taught using the 14 points of the method and has a musical soundtrack designed by the teacher that can include George Harrison, Sting and Krishna Das It is helpful to have a knowledge of Basics for the class.
8:00 pm


Mitchams Corner, 121 Chesterton Road, CB4 3AT [MAP]
(1h 15m) Slow , passive poses with meditation practice at end of class. Use of props for intermediate students with knowledge of yin yoga . Perfect after the Jivamukti open class . Booking at

Santosha yoga is dedicated to offering exceptional yoga classes to suit the individual student.  Please arrive 15 minutes before the start time to discuss any medical concerns or injuries you may have with the teacher.

Santosha yoga has the right to refuse admission to the class if a health form and disclaimer has not been completed.

Class information

All yoga classes are taught with integrity and the student interest at the heart of the teachings. Classes may include music, Sanskrit chanting, hands on adjustments, postural alignment details, massage in Jivamukti classes and teachings on diet –  encouraging a yoga practice both on and off the yoga mat. Jivamukti Open and  Yin/ meditation classes are booked directly at .


Venues in Peterborough have ample parking and are in heated rooms , parking is on the street for Camyoga central studio and in Histon . Please allow extra time for arriving at venues.

CLASSES – Descriptions . not sure which class will suit you ?

Yoga Course

This course provide a supportive and encouraging atmosphere to develop a yoga practice. A theme is discussed and explored over 12 weeks with relevant handouts and home practice tips. Suitable for beginners, student teachers  and students looking for in depth study. Classes include structure of asana, chanting, pranayama, relaxation, meditation and philosophy. All classes use props.


Basics / Open  class develop  the 5 tenants of Jivamukti yoga and are for the beginner to advanced student. Andrea is an Advanced certified teacher of the method. Andrea teaches 2 basics classes a week and an Open level. Read Jivamukti Yoga page for further details.

Yin Yoga

A method that uses holding passive poses to develop a meditational quality in the practice. Focus is  on hips, lower spine and pelvis, this is an ideal class for students who want to move slower . Philosophy and meditation is included in the classes. Read Yin yoga  page for further details.

Restorative yoga

To relax and renew the body and mind, staying in the postures with focus and awareness- a perfect practice for beginners to learn about relaxation and healing. Props are used throughout-  including bolsters, eye bandages , blocks and blankets. Used in one to one sessions and on workshops and retreats. Read Restorative yoga page for further details.


A slow floor based class incorporating long held postures to develop knowledge and understanding of the meridian system. This class includes Buddhist dharma teachings and Taoist perspectives interwoven into the class and includes Buddhist meditation. Props may be used to access the poses.


Yoga is about yoking nature and the soul, Andrea as a teacher guide us in this by weaving the yoga practice with our soundings from Mother Nature and the wonderful culture of India. Andrea planned a great asana practice working up through our chakras and building our strength and courage through the week. We become closer to nature with meditations along the beach, learn more about Ayurveda with treatments and talks from a Swami, and of course every evening we enjoyed satsang with delicious food. We all left incredibly nourished and feeling great.

Ann - Cambridge