Weekend Retreats


Tofte Wellness weekend

26th-28th April 2024

A SACRED SPACE TO REIGNITE YOUR SENSES through personal transformation. Tofte Manor acts as a guiding presence to reawaken your soul through elemental and spiritual exploration, helping you to reconnect with yourself, nature and the divine.

3 different workspaces, a yoga studio, yurt and crystal room alongside fabulous gardens and grounds and a world-famous labyrinth to walk . This weekend will fill your senses and leave your body and mind connected and refreshed. Yoga , fitness and meditation with Andrea and Caroline .

Investment for weekend 

Manor House

Twin rooms / double rooms with shared bathrooms £585 per person

Stable Courtyard

Twin room with en-suite £625 per person

Single rooms (limited)

£725 per person with ensuite

£695 per person with shared bathroom

Deposit £300


Jivamukti Awe and Wonder Retreat

Purusha retreat centre Lincolnshire – 21-23rd June 2024 (Summer solstice weekend!)

“ A peaceful back to nature setting with the highest ethical and sustainable values “

Join Andrea for this weekend at Purusha in Lincolnshire where we will sow seeds of connection, ethics, and compassion. This is a retreat centre where nature takes centre stage. The sessions will be in the Kula Shala (a large dome), outside spaces, including the sunset dais and meditation around the lake.


£595 per person (incl deposit)

Non-refundable Deposit is £300

No space held without deposit

Living over 200 miles away from Andrea means I cannot attend her weekly classes. But, because I find her teaching inspirational, I try to attend at least one  day or retreat a year if possible instead. Andrea creates a wonderful atmosphere in her teaching, always informative and fun, and address matters in new and engaging ways. I really value a retreat with Andrea though, because the depth of her experience combines the dynamism and ethics of Jivamukti, with deep relaxation from restorative yoga and insightful meditation, pranayama and yoga philosophy.

Alyson - Wales

Andrea is fabulous and  I love going on her retreats. I always leave feeling wonderful in body and soul. If you haven’t been to one yet – go!

Maria - Sweden