Our daily lives put undue pressure on us which in turn can cause stress to build up and effect us on a personal level. This can mean we can have muscle tension, be impatient, angry, have indigestion problems, headaches. Chronic stress can lead to disease and illness in some cases.

Our antidote to stress is relaxation. Rest not sleep, it is different. Scientists have researched the effects of relaxation and we have a relaxation response. In a Restorative yoga pose we will use props to aid the relaxation response , to help relax and renew our systems .

This lowers our blood pressure, rate of breathing alters and we have slower brain patterns. B.K.S Iyengar showed to reduce stress and restore health restorative yoga can help  .  We will support the body with props to alternate between stimulating and relaxing the body to move it towards balance.


  • supportive environment for relaxation
  • moves spine in all directions
  • inverted poses which reverse gravity are important
  • soothes and stimulates the nerves
  • balances the two energies prana and apana so not over stimulated or depleted


I am a sceptic and wasn’t expecting much from my first ever yoga retreat.  How wrong I was! Andrea’s deep understanding of yoga philosophy and making it relevant in my life made her not only an excellent teacher but an inspiration for my way of thinking. Her sense of humour and her ability to guide and encourage makes the impossible very possible. I am lucky to have my third retreat coming up with her!

Vera - London