The Breathing Room

Living through the midst of the pandemic has shone a light on the human respiratory system and our ability to breathe. The Ancient  yogis describe breath as life – force or prana. The Breathing Room course will take you through simple assessable practices to deepen your understanding of your own breathing and how it affects your ability to live life to the fullest. 

The suggestion for the course is 🌟🌟🌟however YOU  decide the pace of the course , when YOU want to practice , when it suits YOU  in your life . You will have access to the material moving forward so you can check in , revisit the breathing rooms and be guided through the techniques. 

You will learn –

🌟 How to set up for practice 

🌟 Asana sequences to prepare for breathing 

🌟 Simple breathing techniques 

🌟 What to look for in incorrect practice 

🌟Lying and seated practices 

🌟 How to keep a breathing diary 

You will finish the course – 

🌟 Feeling confidant in how to set up a lying and seated practice 

🌟 Prepare yourself energetically to breathe 

🌟 Have daily tools to notice mood, emotional states by checking your breathing 

🌟Be able to practice 3 breathing techniques 

🌟Keep a breathing diary to monitor progress 

Released on 1st Dec 2021 

🌟🌟🕉Early breathing price £65   –

Landscape of Yin – New online course

Explore various practices of Taoism and Yin yoga

15 hours of all practices linked to yin yoga

Price: £95

30 days of Yoga philosophy – ways  to live a yogic life

A short course to introduce yogic philosophy ideas and questions . Videos and quizzes included .
Price: £30

Smile Yoga course

A personal development course over 15 hours of practices , lifestyle skills , quizzes and videos .

Price: £108 with Zoom classes

Myths and Stories

Stories and lesson plans to develop creative inspiring teaching . Perfect as a teachers course .

Price: £45 CPD course

Reflections of the Buddha

This NEW online course with live classes to enhance the teaching and learning is designed for 8 weeks of study . The course includes the following – 

🕉. Teaching videos about the Buddhas teachings 

🕉. Audios of practice and meditation 

🕉. Essays and supports for practice 

🕉. Weekly study and reflective practice 

🕉. Group chat and chai live class “Living the dharma “ Sunday 10th October 

🕉. 3 Live Yin yoga classes included with dharma teachings Sunday’s 12/19/26th September 

🕉. Breath work and meditation 

🕉. Readings and quotes 

🕉. Essay for teachers who take the course further CPD points on delivering  dharma talks 

1st September all material will be released . 8 weeks course (access to online material continue ) ill be released . 8 weeks course (access to online material continue ) 

Early bird by 31st August –


3 monthly payments of £50 –