Landscape of Yin – New online course

Explore various practices of Taoism and Yin yoga

You will study –

  • 60 minute Asana practices
  • 20 minute meditation
  • 10 minutes daily pranayama
  • 5 minute Stop , Settle , Shape practices
  • Language of yin yoga
  • Themes and lesson planning
  • Poetry reflections
  • Colours and chaos
  • 15 hours of study and reflection
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30 days of Yoga philosophy – ways  to live a yogic life

This course is aimed at yoga students and teachers who would like to encourage daily yoga philosophy into their life.

Course Curriculum 

Welcome and a Introduction to the course

Introduction to the Tutor 

Module 1 – The Key concepts of Yoga Philosophy

Learn key ideas and themes spread through the ancient teachings on Yoga.

Module 2 – The Mind 

This module is about the way the mind works and how we can apply what we think to our everyday life.

Module 3 – Ethics and Behaviour 

Learning about ways to enrich your life and model your behaviour with a strong foundation.

Module 4 – Progress in Yoga 

If we learn these ideas what may we expect to happen and do we move forward in a spiritual practice.
Worksheet and a quiz will mark your learning over the 30 days . There are articles and handouts on meditation and mindfulness . Free yoga Asana sequences to tailor to your own practice at home and daily videos to inspire you to live your yoga .
Price: £30